About- Buddhism
In this series Guy tries to convey the Buddhist message that the Buddha. ("the man who is aware of the feelings of those surrounding him") is present within every man. He does it by combining Buddhist motifs with characters of Tel-Aviv (homeless people, working class people, or just bypassers on the street). The paintings are full of symbols such as Lotus flowers (which symbolize wisdom) and rings of light (which symbolize man's holiness, harmony between man and the surrounding nature and the bond between all living creatures). The series was intended to induce calmness and serenity at the viewer. During the work process, Guy empties his mind from thoughts in order to reach a state of meditation. Every painting in the Buddhist series usually made in one to two years . Because this is a unique technique of smoothing color combination of subtle color gradation and many layers , and temporary occupation of oil paint is long, the work on each painting for many months.
Guy connection to Buddhism started in his twenties. A process of self-searching make him find the Tibetan Buddhism. It was clear that it would be only a matter of time before Buddhism took much of his creative process and indeed soon learned the techniques of Buddhist painting and drawing important symbols. One learns alone most quickly realized how employees and implements it and still implement it in his work Presented these paintings in several galleries. One of my exhibitions presented a Buddhist monastery in New - Zealand , and the abbot marvelled drawing of one who had never undergone training front row this painting. In addition, several years ago geva took part in an exhibition of Tibetan Buddhism in Haifa . The exhibition also presented a painter and teacher Tibetan Buddhist leader in the field, especially coming from Tibet , and he was impressed By geva's works and invited him over the Tibet.

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