Out of home. Out of power
The first resemblance that comes to mind when you think about landscape photography is an endless horizon, a spectacular red sunset, mountains, valleys, and milky water flowing softly.

But like humans, nature also has moments he would rather not be seen. Rough moments attest to the tiredness of the landscape from the pretense that everything is beautiful. Moments of the end of my day, his. Of cumulative erosion of the landscape and of my body. In this series of images I prefer to focus on the moments when I and nature are tired, but are still there with each other. One for the other. Support each other. Give the power to move on.

Only when you are close to someone and are intimately involved with him does he let you show you and reveal to you his darker sides, the moments when we take off all the masks. These series of pictures focus on those intimate moments that nature has agreed to remove from its masks. Gave me the opportunity to see his weaknesses. Trees are tired of dealing with the ravages of man and the weather for decades and hundreds of years. Rocks worn out from thousands of years of coping with water and wind. Opposite are the feet of warts, muscles that burn in pain after hours and days of walking with a lot of equipment on their backs. A feeling of loneliness that becomes loneliness. Moments when I can feel the landscape tell me about his life


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