Ferrino Nemesi 1P- Einglish

30 May

Ferrino Nemesi 1P

A single light-weight tent for winter and summer, which suits me exactly for shooting outdoors when I must walk miles on foot and every gram becomes meaningful

Anyone who has done workshops with me in nature photography knows that outside the car it's hard to find the ideal picture and to find the right place for photography you must walk and sometimes deep into nature. When you are in a few days in the field, not only do you reach these magical points. I came across hyenas and wolves, a badger chased me and more. But only, the only problem is that the weight that needs to be taken for a few days including photography gear requires me to see how I can save weight with the rest of my gear. and that is precisely why I have this tent

A little technical information


The rain fly is resistant to 3000 mm of rain and so is the floor. What does the figure of millimeters of rain say? It depends on a number of factors, such as the type of fabric (the density), the type of coating, how many coats, On one side of the canvas and more. not every tent that can withstand 3000 millimeters of rain will indeed be resistant to rain. In this case the tent is resistant to heavy rain

The tent can be set up without the rain fly for hot days in the summer and then the weight drops by thirty percent

There is a ventilation in the fly that evaporates when you sleep on wet grass, so your inner tent stays dry

There is a big enough front vestibule to set up a tripod and take a photograph from it or throw away the backpack and increase the place in the tent

There is another vestibule that uses an additional "wing" in which to put the backpack, although access to the backpack will be by getting out of the tent. It's less problematic for me because I put all the night equipment into the tent. I never have the strength to get up in the middle of the night and start looking in my backpack. I want to sleep

The tent is a single tent, and this means that only one can sleep in it. I am at a height of 1.74 meters and I have enough space along the tent to enter with my mattress and the shoes are in the tent tail. There's room on the side of the tent to put the camera bag that I never leave outside the tent

Inside the tent there are three pockets for small gear and loop for light. it's tall enough to sit inside and take off the jacket. Rain cover has guy lines for wind. I slept with him in the winds of about 30 miles per hour and he was very stable

It is not a hot tent and in winter I slept with him with a warm enough sleeping bag. In the summer you don’t cook inside it. In general, for the winter, I have another tent (Ferrino Manaslu 2P) and I take the tent for summer to the start of winter

I slept with him on some rainy nights and stayed completely dry. The rain fly does not trickle into the tent due to proper planning and sufficient distance between the inner tent and the rain fly. No respectable gusts of wind from the side did bring rain in either of the "wings" and the inner tent was dry bone. In cold wind you need a warm sleeping bag. After all in order to lose weight it is necessary to give up on something

In the summer, the air flow is a wonderful thing because wind pass through the and cool the inside of it, which is excellent, for those of you who like to sleep with the rain fly for intimacy or fear that jackals will come peek inside. Without the rain fly the tent is very ventilated and there is no reason for you to be warm inside. The guy lines of the tent can only be stretched when the rain fly is up. But in the summer, there are usually no strong winds, and this is not a problem. Sometimes I go out in sandstorms, so I come with a rain fly to reduce the amount of sand coming in

In conclusion

Those who need a lightweight tent for a few days of photography trek and for a light 3 season, the tent is excellent and saves a lot of weight from back and leg pain and unnecessary warts. It is a great high durability tent. Without a rain fly, it weighs only 0.9 kg, which is really not noticeable, it folds to be a little more than a 2-liter bottle, and without rain fly the tent bag is reduced to a liter and a half bottle. hoping that the article helped, and I attach a few photographs of field trips with the tent

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