I studied Theory of Art at the Open University of Tel-Aviv. And have a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel-Aviv University
I am the ambassador of  Ferrino Israel. I am one of the gallery artists of SeeMe in NY
.I have an active blog on photography and advertising for the Israeli public. I have been an experienced fieldman for more than twenty years now
I am Lens Magazine reporter
I have been taking part in single and group exhibitions since the age of 17 and have presented several single exhibitions since then

I do studio photography and landscape photography. It seems like two different areas, but not.
Both in the studio and in nature, I deal with the same subject. Weaknesses and the end of existence

In studio photographs, I focus on the long-term documentation of my moments of weakness. Moments of mental fatigue. Of emotions such as feelings of guilt, anger and depression. Unlike the landscape photography, in the studio I am on both sides of the camera. Both behind the eyepiece and opposite the lens. I found that I am the best model to introduce myself. I know exactly how to describe my emotions, so I prefer to be both the model and the photographer. In the studio photographs, I remove the masks from me in a process
of release that takes a few hours each time before the start of filming

Nature, I am hiding behind the camera, but at the same time exposing the weaknesses through moments of fatigue of the landscape. Moments that the landscape would prefer not to be seen in them. Rough moments, evidenced by the weariness of view pretense that everything is beautiful, moments of the end of the day and accumulate grinding of the view. In this series of photos I prefer to focus on the moments when I and nature are tired but are still there with each other at the end of the day. This series was taken when I was at the end of the day, after walking for many hours with a lot of equipment on my back, with muscle aches. In moments of mental weakness, loneliness and a tremendous sense of alone
Only when they are close to someone and are intimate with him does he allow to show and expose his darker sides, the moments of removing all the masks. This series of photographs focuses on those intimate moments that both nature and I are exposed to the effects of the weather on the soul

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