About Each Project

  •  04/09/2020 12:25

I decided in this project to confront myself the difficulty of being exposed and perhaps more important “look at myself” or some of the influence of

  •  04/09/2020 12:23

For over ten years I have been doing photo workshops in the Israeli desert. Most of the workshops take place during the night because of the great heat that exists

  •  04/09/2020 12:15

Untitled Landscape- soon more info

  •  04/09/2020 11:58

I was always intrigued by this text. How is it possible that someone like Dante managed to get into the history books? It is so clear from the text that the seven sins he

  •  04/09/2020 11:56

When you think about landscape photography, the first associations that come up are usually infinite horizon, spectacular red sunset, mountains, glories or milky water

  •  04/09/2020 11:38

Death is a dominant motif in my life, since I remember myself visions pass through my head, not only of death itself but of the process that precedes it

  •  04/09/2020 11:35

Only the pills keep me alive

  •  04/09/2020 11:30

It is said that every adult is inhabited by a "child." "Boy" with a pure look in his eyes. A "child" who never stops dreaming. Sometimes he is forgotten

  •  30/09/2017 00:00

Traces From The Past- Soon more info