White Outdoor

06 Dec

This project started out of a lack of interest in nature photography, which has grown with me over the years. The desire to produce a perfect "visible image" is completely gone. But at the same time, the interest in nature or the enjoyment of it remains within me and I like to go out into nature and the desert landscapes and generally enjoy the beauty of nature that unfolds before me. But at the same time the need to photograph it as it is completely gone. In this series of works but I actually chose to destroy nature as it is, to break it down into factors until it exists only the fragments of information that only hint to the viewer what exists. The viewer can continue to imagine the rest of the image even without the full details and build the image himself and thereby be able to enjoy on the one hand the beauty of nature and at the same time develop a new perspective or a new way of seeing things and maybe by that I will make the viewer see nature again

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