10 Dec

The Space In Between

The space between the mirror and the wall, the space between them. The space between a chair and a table. The space between the threads that make a mosquito net. The space between the trees and the sky. The space between the sky and the atmosphere. The space that exists between a close bush to a distant mountain in the landscape. The space between a road and a nearby mountain, a distant mountain. The strange space between the vertical wall of a house and the horizontal ground. The space between people. The space that exists on the street. The movement in the existing space inside the street. The space that exists between me and an object, between me and others. The space I walk in and am in motion within. Limited movement in a limited space. Movement in meaningless space. meaningless movement in space. meaningless space. The space we exist in which is not possible without that space. I will not be able to produce movement without the space that allows movement within it.

In this project, the space that exists between objects in space is what interests me because we do not pay attention to it, we never think about it. But even though it is there all the time, and it is who produces our three-dimensional reality. In fact, without this space, life as we know it could not exist because movement must exist within space. Without that space that contains a clean wonderful, and even exciting emptiness, everything would become two-dimensional and motionless, as happens in the picture I taking, the depth of which disappears and ceases to exist, ceases to move.

But it is not always easy for me to move within the space, sometimes the space produces an emptiness that makes it scary for me to move within it and it freezes the will to move, and so there is also my personal difficulty moving within that domestic space which sometimes seems to shrink, as compressed until there is no more space between things and the space that remains between Things become less-oxygen, which no longer allows me for the movement that I needs to exist in order to describe that “area of space”. Even in the outdoors sometimes the space changes in size and the space that seems large at first glance can suddenly be reduced to a smaller area that forces a smaller or shorter movement than it would seem to us at first glance. The distant mountains suddenly come closer and the distance between the plants and trees disappears and there is a feeling of leveling a path between the branches that complement each other.

From this point of view, I started a thought process of how to describe and preserve that three-dimensionality, that space that is between objects within the flat image? Should I photograph a type of cubism or perhaps work in layers of two-dimensional images one on top of the other in order to describe “the volume of space”? Will a series of abstract images be able to describe the space we and I live in? It was from this thought that I decided to produce different layers of depth and combine them by compression to create a two-dimensional (the displayed/printed image) which will preserve the depth, the three-dimensionality of the space, because I still feel the need to print the images on flat paper, and maybe it's just out of habit.

The photography process begins with me seeing the final image even before I have created it and thus, I know in advance which photos to take in order to get the desired result. Sometimes the distance between the images is so great that I have to travel hundreds of kilometers between the first image and the second in order to build a single image.

However, during the work process I realized that the construction of many layers in a single image does not give an answer in all cases and in some cases it is necessary to produce individual images that describe the space between objects with in the space in order to explain what a space is, and thus a situation is that I created in which some of the images are a "perception of a moment of the space” , or the freezing of the space at a point in time, as happens in photography where we capture a single moment in the space of time, like a picture of a street while people are moving along it, during their movement in the space of the street.

This project that started as an internal process of needing to describe my personal difficulty to move freely in the existing space developed into a kind of tribute to the literary work “Especes D'espaces” by the French author Georges Perec. This combination as one that produces a complete (but not perfect) process that complements each other for one complete project that will last over a work span of several years.

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