04 Sep

There is no more reason to stay together

I can no longer look at you

There is no more reason to stay together

I lost it years ago

Obviously, I never wanted to be with you

I have nothing more to say

We talked more than needed

Words that didn't lead anywhere

Here our common paths must be stopped

This connection became meaningless

It was held for too long

I can’t see no more sunrises

All that remains is sunsets

From here it's just a matter of surviving

Nothing will save this connection

Days and days, I convince myself

For a good reality that does not exist.

That everything is ok.

That it is still possible to continue.

That there is no reason to separate.

Someone to come and take those days

The days of self-lying.

The days that still hold me

Because every time I wake up.

I discover the lie

Life won't stop if it's all over

The sun will continue to shine and set as it has done for millions of years

The trees will grow new leaves. Instead of those who fall

There is no real importance to this togetherness

Damn the pills

Damn the Talks

Damn the drugs Who keep me here

Because there is no reason to stay.

Because There is no more reason to stay together


I decided in this project to confront myself the difficulty of being exposed and perhaps more important “look at myself” or some of the influence of post trauma on the outside. To the printed page. As I mentioned in this project, it is difficult for post-trauma victims to deal with it on day-to-day. Post-trauma victims suffer from flashbacks that, unlike memories, affect them until they find it difficult to think positive thoughts and function on a daily basis. Almost every post trauma victim will occasionally think about how to end his life some have found them self in such thoughts that recur throughout the day or throughout week. The reason for the thoughts is varied and every posthumous trauma is a bit different. But there are some things that are common to all victims of post-trauma and its guilty feelings, and an inner feeling of darkness. The difficulty of dealing with memory is so great that it is hard to put it aside and not reach for thoughts of the end of the road

All the pictures in this series are dark from their bases to convey the feeling of inner darkness and also convey the sense of crunch that in my case the house look dark for me. The faded colors in the photos were created to emphasize the sense of burnout that day-to-day could not bring in vivid and prominent colors here and so the old wallpapers. Wallpapers that life left them long ago. The feeling is that the old age comes too quickly. The soul is more tired than the time of life on earth is rapidly advancing to the end. In this photograph, I used some symbolic elements as an example of the Die flowers symbolizing mental fatigue as well as the flowers that lay on graves that after a few days die. The red cloth on the table symbolizes the suffering that the patient goes through and on the other hand there is the red thread that some religious believers believe it bring good fortune after pray on the thread. I feel like a crisis in my faith, my religion. That is why I used the broken Tibetan prayer wheel and the lying cross and even the crown of thorns which also symbolize an internal crisis between my faith and post-trauma, the same belief that is supposed to continue but in the case of post trauma the belief is constantly tested. The soft lace and eye-catching gold thread in the photo are inexact, so that their softness and beauty are no longer contributing. The song was written while standing in front of the mirror, looking at my own reflection

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