21 Dec

Projects are created over the years. Some of them are published in art magazines or in exhibitions, printed on books and receive good or less good reviews, but from time to time I do projects that don't get anywhere, if it's because no one wants to present them and publish them because maybe they don't speak to the viewer as "they should"’ it could be because the text wasn't written properly or didn't convey the message I conveyed in the images and sometimes the project really wasn't “mature” enough and maybe I even had to leave it behind like many other projects that "disappeared in the drawer".

But this thing means that sometimes I feel that there is no progress anywhere in my work as an artist. Which is not how I felt after graduating from art school. Now that I am an "artist" I will soon be discovered and I will become an artist like all the great artists and I will be the next Picasso, selling my works easily because the world will be excited by what I do, people who come to my exhibition will be surprised and excited by what I do, art critics and galleries will want my company and me. I will be able to make art all the time and will not have to work on anything else. But over the years reality takes its toll and I realized that I cannot become a great and famous artist so quickly and in fact it may not happen and I will never be "discovered". Over the years I could not help but reach a situation where I was working at different jobs to finance myself, the family that came and my possibility to do art. The ability to exhibit in galleries is not so easy because the costs are greater than I thought and although I am engaged in art…. But it is because I cannot do otherwise. There is something that we will always “be there” and must get out otherwise I get suffocated. But there is a feeling over the years that comes and goes that sometimes nothing progresses and I do not really get anywhere and even though from time to time my works are famous I still do not get anywhere and it is clear to me that I will have to continue working to make a living the family and to finance my art and in general to live, and that is where this project came from. From this feeling that comes up every now and then that the road is leading me to nowhere.

This series of works shows many roads that lead nowhere, no matter where I walk and which road, I choose it does not lead me to that “breakthrough” that during my art studies it seemed as if as soon as I finished my studies it would happen. In the end I keep walking in to nowhere

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